The Minds Eye / by santiago cal

I was recently given a 2003 article from The New Yorker on "What the blind see" by Oliver Sacks. The gesture stemmed from a conversation based on my intrigue into the visual topography of those without visual reference or the loss of visual reference. Although this is the beginning of my understanding on the subject , it was evident to me that is certainly pertinent to my recollection of life events and the resources for my sculptures. I plan on explaining this in more detail throughout this blog, but at this point, a few surfaced thoughts are based on "deep blindness" in relation to dreams/daydreams/ hallucinations; visual library in relation to memory; and senses that we don't sense. The last being revealed by suddenly trying to figure out - how does my inner voice sound when I read this? Is it like my own voice or is it different? Strangely enough, it was different in the sense of what I think I sound like.