between the nose and the chin / by santiago cal

Today I was very fortunate to meet with Deanna from Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It was amazing to understand a bit more based around the use of the cane. One of the many subjects they teach is how to use this object. The standard length of the cane should be  "four steps" of the individual or the distance between the nose and the chin to the ground. The youngest person Deanna worked with was only 18 months old. Aside from realizing how much I take sight for granted, I envisioned how canes can give us some understanding of the person much like shoes; it's size and  where it's worn down from handling. Another fascinating statement was that other senses are not enhanced from visual impairment but instead brought to awareness. This is contrary to Oliver Sacks assessment that other senses are reallocated to the visual cortex, since there is evidence of activity within the visual cortex and no evidence of atrophy ("minds eye" article). In all fairness and honesty, I have not read his more recent accounts on the subject. 

So back to "Forty Rings" and how this relates. As I reconstruct events through the evidence of documentation and memory, there are two things that prevail my thoughts. First is the reliving of events, I have to suspend reality and drift into a imagined space. A place where details are revealed only through blindness of the now.  Second was how blindness is paralleled through many things like: suddenly being immersed into a new culture, the understanding of adulthood by children, and the understanding of after death by adults. These last statements are not likening willful delusion but instead an awareness that exists but unknown. This goes back to "fire is hot".