one weak / by santiago cal

 Dec 1st-9th was full of adventures, realizations and inspiration. I first attended the ISC conference where the hits, in my opinion, were Guerra de la Paz ( and John Grade ( The experience was wonderful because I met so many who dedicated themselves to sculpture. Some came to sculpture late in life and most were interested in large public works. I felt like a child at a grown up dinner. But truly, my favorite discussions in Miami were with the Japanese-American bartender at the tobacco road and the African- American bus driver. They had no agenda and generously conveyed their thoughts on life, place and the future. 

On Wednesday the 4th, I flew to Belize City for an encounter exhibition at the Image Factory Art foundation ( . This place is a humble well of motivation and space for honest dialogue. As soon as you enter, you strip naked of ethnicity, wealth and knowledge. Everyone is there to share and it is received with most respect. The space is run by Yasser Musa and Gilvano Swasey; friends I have the greatest admiration for. They are advocates of all avenues of creativity and work hard to represent the Belizean individuals participating in this arena. 

While there, I also got to visit with artists whom I have the lots of love for; Pen Cayetano, Sean Taegar and Michael Gordon. We are a motley crew but all admire the skills of the other. I also got to meet the new generation of makers. It was a magical time; below will have images of this encounter.